I would like each chapter title to also be a link to the table of contents, so that I can quickly go back and forth from the TOC to the chapters.

This is my example test.org document:

#+TITLE:  My doc title
#+DATE:   2024-04-03
#+OPTIONS:  toc:2

* Chapter 1


* Chapter 2


The generated document (e.g. PDF) will automatically have a table of contents, which successfully links each TOC title to the corresponding chapter.

How can I add a link to each chapter title that sends me back to the table of contents, if this is auto-generated?

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For pdf exports, you need to modify the LaTeX code produced by orgmode. This can be quite complex if you've never used LaTeX before. However, the following seems to work for your request (taken from tex.stackexchange):

#+LATEX_HEADER: \usepackage[explicit]{titlesec} % to change headings
#+TITLE:  My doc title
#+DATE:   2024-04-03
#+OPTIONS:  toc:2

#+begin_export latex
  {\normalfont\huge\bfseries}{\chaptertitlename\ {\fontfamily{cmr}\selectfont\thechapter}}{20pt}{\hyperlink{chap-\thechapter}{\Huge#1}

* Section the first

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assumenda odio eum qui soluta quia reiciendis. Cumque inventore
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possimus impedit explicabo sed.

* Section the second

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Officiis est consequatur et minima inventore doloribus quas. Mollitia neque
totam et et ut delectus molestias. Rerum necessitatibus veniam non
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facere id. Est fugiat dolor ea commodi in. Numquam est laborum ut quo
beatae sequi repellendus similique. Harum illo magni illum nam ex
voluptatibus. Et quod hic consectetur enim et.

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assumenda. Accusantium voluptatum harum neque dolor sunt. Et et minima ut
nihil. Accusantium pariatur suscipit aut magnam sunt quo voluptas. 

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