On Linux normally I can do

$ emacsclient --no-wait file.txt

and voila, there I am sitting in emacs editing file.txt before you know it.

But not on ChromeOS Linux. There I need to manually switch to the emacs window by hand.

What would be a one step operation becomes two steps.

If I want a one step operation then I must invoke just plain emacs, not emacsclient.

But then I would have two emacses running.

Rephrasing, on the Chromebook penguin terminal,

emacsclient -n -c file.txt

switches to emacs, but

emacsclient -n -r file.txt


emacsclient -n file.txt

needs the user to switch to emacs manually, via ALT TAB. How do I make it switch automatically? Like on real Linux

Yes, server-raise-frame is t. Changing focus-follows-mouse didn't help.

$ emacsclient --eval "(other-frame 1)"

but I am still left looking at the terminal.


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