~Emacs 2.4.1 under Linux.

I would like to use the {est+} feature of column views as documented here.

I customized org-columns-default-Format to be like this: (see last field)


And a property :EST: 1-2

But when I try to activate column view in agenda, I get an error: wrong type: sequencep, 0

I tried different format for est: (I'm not sure about syntax of the {est+} property btw?) :EST: 1-2 :EST: 1:00-2:00 :EST: 1.0-1.1 :EST: 1d/2d

From what I gather in this thread, the correct syntax is 2-4, but that hasn't worked.

In this thread it appears someone has the same issue as me (Dec 2014) but it's not clear if the issue was solved or not.

If I replace %5EST{est+} with %5EST{:} and only use single digits or time (20:20), then column view works. But it's not quite what I want.



There has been a bug reported and fixed last December.


  • Thank you for posting the link. It doesn't seem to load for me. Was there any progress made on fixing it? – Leo Ufimtsev Apr 6 '15 at 19:11

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