I define a footnote via : C-c C-x f as described in the manual.
Then I have something like:

Leo once said [fn:1]  (reference)
* Footnotes 
  [fn:1] To make the world a better place, one should use Emacs. (definition)

Now clicking on the definition [fn:1] To make .. jumps back to the reference.
But clicking on the reference doesn't jump me to the definition.

Jumping from reference to the definition still works via C-c C-c, but id'd be nice to have Mouse-1 support.

Is this just me or is this the case for everyone out there? If so, is there a way to make it jump to definition when clicking the reference?

I'm using emacs 24.4.1 btw. If it makes a difference, I use org-mouse also.


Never mind. It turns out org-mouse is the culprit. I've sent an email to the org mailing list about it.

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