(parent-dir "/home/sk/parent/ab.el")




(parent-dir "/home/sk/parent")



Any elisp function as parent-dir that gives basepath for both file path & dir path?


file-name-directory does what you request.

However, (file-name-directory "/home/sk/parent/") (with a trailing slash) returns that same directory, not its parent.

This does what I'm guessing you really want:

(file-name-directory (directory-file-name "/home/sk/parent/ab.el")) ; => "/home/sk/parent/"
(file-name-directory (directory-file-name "/home/sk/parent/")) ; => "/home/sk/"
(file-name-directory (directory-file-name "/home/sk/parent")) ; => "/home/sk/"
  • @licorna: I don't understand your question. Did you try evaluating (file-name-directory (directory-file-name "/home/sk/parent"))? directory-file-name removes a final slash, but otherwise it does nothing (on most OS's). And in this case there is no final slash to remove. – Drew Oct 24 '16 at 14:52

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