I have a use-package idle hook that loads my org files into buffers for future use. I want this to be unobtrusive. However, I cannot find any find-file function which loads a file without changing the display.

There are a number of find-file functions in the Emacs manual, but none of these do what I want.

find-file Visit a file.

find-file-read-only Visit a file for viewing, without allowing changes to it.

find-alternate-file Visit a different file instead of the one visited last.

find-file-other-window Visit a file, in another window.

find-file-other-frame Visit a file, in a new frame.

find-file-literally Visit a file with no conversion of the contents.

I thought find-file-literally might be a winner, but it does in fact load the file into the current window.

Is there a function I can use to load files into buffers without any display changes?

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The function you want is find-file-noselect.

This function is the guts of all the file-visiting functions. It returns a buffer visiting the file filename. You may make the buffer current or display it in a window if you wish, but this function does not do so.


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