Sometimes I open ido-find-file or ido-switch-buffer but when I find the file I want to open, I realize I want to open it in other-window. I have key bindings for ido-find-file-other-window and others, but I would like the option to open the selected ido candidate in other-window as a persistent option in ido-completion-map (bound to s-<return>). Is this possible?


I finally figured out a pattern that worked by advising ido-read-internal with an empty dynamic variable that would get set with a custom command bound to ido-common-completion-map.

I published the idea as a package called ido-exit-target, but here's the pattern that solves my question:

  (defvar ido-exit-target--target))

(defun ido-exit-target-other-window ()
  "Select the current `ido' item for `other-window'. It will create one if it doesn't exist."
  (setq ido-exit-target--target 'other-window)

(defun ido-exit-target--switch-to-target (orig-fun &rest args)
  "Advise `ido-read-internal' on where to view the chosen selection."
  (let* (ido-exit-target--target
         (res (apply orig-fun args)))
    (when (equal ido-exit-target--target 'other-window)
      (switch-to-buffer-other-window nil))

(advice-add 'ido-read-internal :around #'ido-exit-target--switch-to-target)

(define-key ido-common-completion-map (kbd "<s-return>") #'ido-exit-target-other-window)

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