There's recently been a commit to AUCTeX that I would like to start using right away, but I would like to use the built-in package system to manage the updates. Is there a way to use package.el to pull in AUCTeX's HEAD rather than tags?

(This might be a misunderstanding of how the package system actually works. If so, forgive me :).)


Is there a way to usepackage.el to pull in AUCTeX's HEAD rather than tags?

package.el doesn't pull in tags, it pulls in whichever single version the server makes available. So no, package.el has no control over what is offered to it by the server. It just so happens that some servers offer the latest tag.

What you can do is clone the repo yourself, keep it updated, and use package.el to install this clone you have. If you're using emacs 25 already, you can visit the directory and use package-install-from-buffer.


You could also use Cask to manage dependencies in order to achieve that, but you're likely already aware of such an alternative that introduces another program.

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