Many times, i use commands like M-x what-face to get the font face for character under cursor, (or) M-x find-function-on-key to get the key bindings for a key sequence. These functions work on the main frame/buffer.

But, how to get the properties for minibuffer's face font (or) may be, key bindings for key inputs (or) copy-region on minibuffer itself?

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For key bindings in minibuffer keymaps:

Load library help-fns+.el and use C-h M-k (command describe-keymap). See Help Plus.

For faces and other information, you might need to consult the code that implements/uses them. But for faces you might make progress by using M-x list-faces-display (or even M-x customize-face followed by the input minibuf TAB).

  • does describe-keymap take a string input, if yes do i need to escape it. in keymap: prompt in minibuffer, i entered C-1 and it said [No Match]
    – Saravana
    Mar 3, 2015 at 16:18
  • describe-keymap takes the name of a keymap variable, that is, a variable whose value is a keymap. Completion is available for this name. (C-h f describe-keymap tells you this.) So you need to know the names of the variables whose values are minibuffer keymaps. All you need to know is that their names all start with minibuffer- - so just type minib TAB and completion will show you all of their names.
    – Drew
    Mar 7, 2015 at 4:59

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