I am unable to install magit with package.el. While other packages install correctly, magit (v 90150116) currently gives me:

Debugger entered--Lisp error: (wrong-number-of-arguments
#[(ad--addoit-function package-list requirements) "\304\305 !\306   !\210

    \304#\211)\207" [ad-return-value requirements ad--addoit-function
package-list nil reverse print] 5] 4)  
"\211\203I\211@\211@\211A@\262\302\211\2038esc magit (90150116)
"control Git from Emacs" ((cl-lib (0 3)) (git-commit-mode (0 14 0))
(git-rebase-mode (0 14 0))) tar "melpa-stable" nil ((:keywords "vc"
"tools")) nil]))   apply(ad-Advice-package-compute-transaction #[770
"\211\203I\211@\211@\211A@\262\302\211\20383)) (git-commit-mode
(0 14 0)) (git-rebase-mode (0 14 0))) tar "melpa-stable" nil
((:keywords "vc" "tools")) nil])))  
package-compute-transaction(([cl-struct-package-desc magit (90150116)
"control Git from Emacs" ((cl-lib (0 3)) (git-commit-mode (0 14 0))
(git-rebase-mode (0 14 0))) tar "melpa-stable" nil ((:keywords "vc"
"tools")) nil]) ((cl-lib (0 3)) (git-commit-mode (0 14 0))
(git-rebase-mode (0 14 0))) ([cl-struct-package-desc magit (90150116)
"control Git from Emacs" ((cl-lib (0 3)) (git-commit-mode (0 14 0))
(git-rebase-mode (0 14 0))) tar "melpa-stable" nil ((:keywords "vc"
"tools")) nil]))   #[770
. 39624)](nil ((magit)) nil)  

I'm using http://stable.melpa.org and emacs 24.4.1, compiled locally.

  • I would submit an issue to the package maintainer on Github -- include your Emacs version and OS, and before the maintainer asks, try installing it with a virtually blank/empty .emacs file to verify you have nothing in your setup that is conflicting with the installation -- you should also make sure you are trying the install with the latest public release of Emacs. In the meantime, you can get everything directly from Github without using package.el. I can verify it was possible to set up Magit by hand on my own computer -- i.e., installing all of the dependencies without package.el.
    – lawlist
    Commented Mar 11, 2015 at 5:45
  • @lawlist in this case I think @dmvianna is better served by asking here, as I don't think it's a magit issue. The backtrace indicates the error occurs somewhere in package.el, or rather that there is an error in an advice which was added to package-list. I don't know much about package.el so all I can suggest is trying to figure out what is advising that function.
    – tarsius
    Commented Mar 11, 2015 at 9:45
  • Just in case: have you restarted emacs? And hhave you tried installing other packages? package.el sometimes becomes unusable for me, erroring on every install. I just restart emacs when this happens. Commented Mar 11, 2015 at 13:32

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The issue was the latest stable magit wasn't compatible with the version of git I had in my system. As stated in another question I posted, magit works fine with latest stable git (in my case, 2.3.x).


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