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Xmodmap modifier used for meta

I would like to set my Alt_L to trigger a meta key in emacs. I've tried using xmodmap to set Alt_L as Mod1, Mod2, Mod3. But in emacs, when i try to type Alt_L + x (expecting M-x) it only prints "...
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how can a command be bound to Ctrl-' or Ctrl-<NUM> in the terminal

I want to bind a command to C-', C-` and C-0 through C-9 keys. It's not working in the terminal Is there a way to do so?
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setting C-, and C-. key bindings

I am unable to set the C-, and C-. key bindings! I tried adding the following, (global-set-key (kbd "C-,") 'forward-char) (global-set-key (kbd "C-.") 'forward-char) In various ...
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C-c C-, not working in SSH terminal but it is bound

The function org-insert-structure-template is bound to C-c C-,. I can confirm that when search that function via M-x and seeing the shortcut behind the function name. But I use Emacs (from Debian 11) ...
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