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Why is C-i executing TAB instead of evil-jump-forward? [duplicate]

For some reason, pressing ctrl+i is sending a TAB command instead of executing evil-jump-forward. Viewing the lossage, I see: C-o [evil-jump-backward] TAB [c-indent-line-or-region] From describe-...
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How to redefine key binding for "C-m" without clobbering <return>? [duplicate]

I am trying to remap "C-m" but it seems to prevent from working. It actually seems to make the same as "C-m". I have no idea why. I have tried this, which causes the problem: (bind-keys :map ...
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C-i combination doesn't work with lowercase i [duplicate]

I've configured Doom emacs to run an interactive evil-ex command in visual mode, the reaconfiguration is as below: (defun evil-insert-into-lines () (interactive) (evil-ex "'<,'>norm I&...
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Problems with keybindings when using terminal

I have the following line in init.el: (global-set-key [(control \;)] 'comment-region) It works very well in GUI window, but if emacs is invoked with the -nw option then C-; doesn't comment region, ...
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How to distinguish C-i from TAB?

Normally, for historic reasons, emacs treats the TAB keycode and the C-i key as the same, cf. the emacs lisp documentation on function keys or abo-abo's answer on the question "What is the difference ...
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How to distinguish C-m from RETURN?

When in javascript mode trying to use C-c C-m i get an error saying "C-c RET is undefined?" What makes Emacs believe I am pressing RET? How can i properly make this keybinding work?
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Which key prefix is left for user defined bindings?

C-h b shows the key bindings. But I can not see, which prefix is left for my own functions. Is any prefix reserved for user bindings?
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elpy (and evil-mode) do not react on TAB

This is my elpy-config 1Elpy Configuration 2 ...
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Swapping Escape key and backtick key in all modes

I'm using Emacs 27.2 (2021-07-22) and for years have mapped Escape to Backtick key (Ok, I did this after the industry moved the Escape key to the location it is in now, next to F1). The keyboard I ...
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How to remap org-capture-templates keybindings?

I mapped org-capture with C-c c like this: (global-set-key (kbd "C-c c") #'org-capture) Amongst my org-capture-template, two have been set like this: ("i" "Inbox" ...
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Is it okay to rebind C-i and C-m?

I came across this snippet which stops emacs from converting C-i and C-m into <tab> and <ret> respectively: (dolist (k '("C-i" "C-m")) (define-key input-decode-map (...
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