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install multiple packages from my .emacs file [duplicate]

I share my .emacs file between machines, which works great but I use a lot of packages and when emacs starts on a new machine with the .emacs it complains about the missing package. I can ignore it ...
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Install packages automatically [duplicate]

I'm new to Emacs, and I'm storing my Emacs configuration in a GitHub repo. Whenever I move to a new computer, I want Emacs to install all packages I specify if they do not present on this computer. ...
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How to deal with packages when manage .emacs.d file with version control system? [duplicate]

I'm trying to use git to manage my .emacs.d directory. I occur this problem: Some package files are already managed by package-tools such as el-get,package.el via git. If I add them into my git ...
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What should/shouldn't I do when keeping .emacs and .emacs.d in version control?

Like many people, I manage a lot of my dotfiles via a version control repository (Mercurial on Bitbucket, private, in my case). This is handy when setting up a new machine or propagating ...
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Keeping my .org files in sync across multiple computers

How can I keep my .org files up to date across several computers, perhaps across multiple platforms(linux/windows)? I could keep all the .org files in git for example, but that would require me to ...
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How to get the same Emacs environment on a different computer?

I'm a beginner in Emacs (using it for about 2 weeks now and loving it). As I update and expand my ~/.emacs.d/init.el file, the things that I write in there depend on certain packages that I installed ...
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Export Emacs installed packages?

I am using emacs 24.4. I have added a large number of installed packages via the M-x list-packages directive over about a year of usage. I would love to export my installed packages list for use ...
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how to programmatically load packages in .emacs file

Largely following the approach described by Bozhidar Batsov on the page:, I tried to build my emacs ...
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Backup saved buffers to Dropbox (or other specific directory)

Is it possible to customize Emacs so that whenever I save a file, Emacs also copies it to a specific folder? This directory could be, for instance, D:\my_backups or C:\Users\username\Dropbox\...
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Automatic package install is not available, package exists

I want to automatically install packages that I don't have locally installed when I initialize Emacs. I use the following code to install some packages. (package-initialize) (mapc #'(lambda (pkg) ...
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How do I remove passwords and usernames from my emacs .init file?

Example: I have IRC username and password in my emacs .init file I share my .init file across devices using a public github repo I encrypt this heading in my .init to avoid showing org-encrypt-entry ...
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Dropbox packages and config

I'm testing out emacs today and I'm trying to sync config and packages to my dropbox. The solution I used with vim is what I'm planning for emacs Create a .emacs.d directory on dropbox Put an init....
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Fetch configuration from remote (e.g. Github) at startup

I have to work on multiple different machines and it would be nice to keep my .emacs file consistent everywhere. Question: is there a package which allows to update the file at startup from a remote ...
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Keep Emacs packages after reformatting

If I would like to keep my emacs settings and packages in another computer or after a format is there a way to avoid having to install all the packages from the beginning? I don't just mean saving ...
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Syncronize on save

Is there any extension or easy way to configure a feature like the Visual Code Studio's extension SSFTP? The ideal behaviour should be like the following one, by using ftp or sftp: Allow a manual ...
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