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Questions tagged [ace-window]

Ace-window is a package to switch between windows.

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how to get ace-window to do row-major numbering of windows?

I use ace-window, and when I have at least two rows and columns of windows. When I invoke ace-window, it does column-major ordering of the windows: |----------+----------| | | | | ...
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Dired: How to open file with ace-window while keeping focus on dired buffer?

I have this Elisp code that allows me to use ace-window to open a file in a selected window from Dired: (defun find-file-dired-ace-window () "Use ace window to select a window for opening a ...
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1 vote
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ace-window cursor to minibuffer

How to configure ace-window to put the active cursor always into minibuffer when pressing a special key (like i.e. 'z'). Reason is: I think it would be more convenient to always just press 'z' for ...
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Repeate keyboard macro (e) doesn't work when I ace-jump-window/aw-flip-window to another frame

If I use ace-jump-window's aw-flip-window functionality in the middle of defining a macro (i.e. switch to the last window - I want which windows I jump between to be dynamic, not fixed to the current ...
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Hide cursor (and marks) in all windows while using avy or ace-window

I find occasionally hard to read the labels from avy or ace-window when they overlap with the cursor (I have cursor-on-non-selected-window set to t). Same issue with ace-window (even more relevant ...
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ace-window: How can I switch to a frame I can't see?

Windows 10, Emacs 25.1 When I want to switch between windows I user M-x ace-window and then select number. Nice. But I also want to switch to a frame that isn't visible. I can guess what number to ...
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