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List Adaptive Fill Keeps Growing for Lists in Olivetti Mode

I'm having trouble with my org lists. They seem to have an ever increasing amount of adaptive-fill as I nest them deeper and deeper. A picture of the problem is below. These are all single lines in ...
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How can I discover the rationale for particular changes in the (Git) history of the Emacs source code?

The specific case I'm interested in at the moment, commit 4e05bbf5117744fcef744e787fe74d563b09ed53 from git://, the comment says only: (adaptive-fill-regexp): Don't match `(1)'...
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Can word-wrap / visual-line-mode have different right margins per paragraph?

When visual-line mode is enabled, words wrap at the window edge. When the window is wide, this makes much too long of a line for comfortable reading. To fix that I have found visual-fill-column-mode, ...
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getting adaptive-wrap-prefix-mode to fill with spaces

Hi I'm working on some assembly language files. Here is a relevant snippet // Wait for line $ff and prepare next frame loop2: lda #$ff // <- Inside the ...
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How to set automatic indentation to move past numbers on first line?

I'm using auto-fill-mode with indented-text-mode to write numbered lists. I'm trying to figure out how to persuade the automatic indentation to move past an item number on the first line. I'm ...
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