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Questions tagged [agenda-custom-commands]

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1 answer

Filter agenda view on the absence of effort property

I'm looking a way to filter tasks in my emacs org agenda on the lack of effort in the property. I've figured out how to filter on the effort when it is detailed but I cannot figure out when there is ...
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0 answers

Repeat an hourly task in org-agenda grid

Why an hourly scheduled (repeating) task would appear only once in org-agenda grid? I assumed that this entry should appear again (at 17:09, 18:09, 19:09...). This org-agenda is generated with: (...
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1 vote
1 answer

Org mode agenda custom command that can match on one of multiple property values

The "Advanced Search" Org mode tutorial on Worg provides the following example to find all entries with either "Walter" or "Evensong" in the author field: BIB_TITLE={...
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