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Tramp fails to open remote shell when connecting to android

I'm trying to connect to my Android device via SSH using TRAMP. I've setup my SSHDroid, configured ssh keys and my ~/.ssh/config, so I'm able to connect with just ssh android from terminal. But when ...
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How to synchronize org-agenda in emacs with changes on the file system (org-agenda-files)?

I'm trying to synchronize orgzly on android with org-mode/org-agenda setup in emacs on a linux desktop. They are synchronizing via rclone on desktop and RSAF on android. Right now org-agenda doesn't ...
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How do I --debug-init on Android?

I'm starting Emacs like this: adb shell am start -n org.gnu.emacs/org.gnu.emacs.EmacsActivity , but run into some problems that I need to debug. If I try to pass "--debug-init" adb shell am ...
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Android emacs keyboard not popping up

I've installed f-droid emacs and i switch to messages buffer, but then the keyboard disappears and i can't get it back up since there is no keyboard icon on the corner. I have in the Android settings ...
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How can I build the native aarch64 Emacs application for Android on a x86_64 system?

I'm struggling to build Emacs from the feature/android branch. I tried running the ./configure script this way: ANDROIDJAR=~/Android/platforms/android-33-ext4/android.jar BUILDTOOLS=~/Android/build-...
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