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Emacs on a tablet?

Q: can Emacs be installed/used on a tablet with a minimum number of tears? I had been under the assumption that Emacs ran on basically everything. However, after some poking around, it looks like ...
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Emacs on Android - org-mode - error - `(wrong-type-argument stringp (require . t-mouse))`

I'm running Emacs in Android under ZShaolin, with whatever the default configuration is. When I open an org-mode file (or try to enable org-mode), I get an error: (wrong-type-argument stringp (...
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How to create a keybinding to a file in Emacs?

I have a frequently opened file in Emacs, which is deep inside my device. I want to bind the F5 key(or any other key) to open that file, how can I do that? (Using android to run emacs. [GNURoot, ...
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How can I make Emacs function 'browse-url-at-point work on a tablet running Android?

How can I make Emacs function 'browse-url-at-point work on a tablet running Android? Following advice I found at "" I installed 'Termux ...
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Command to automatically define a resource variable in an Android project

When coding Android projects, resource variables are somewhat cumbersome to define, as they involve visiting a file far away in the directory structure and writing xml(!). Say I want to define a ...
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How to build Emacs from sources on Termux

Background: Termux is a Linux terminal environment that runs under Android. It provides a terminal version of Emacs 25.3. However, I would like to build Emacs directly from the master branch in the ...
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Windows 10, Emacs 25.1, shell: Grep not work immediately

Windows 10 (64 bit), Emacs 25.1. I has Android application. And in console I start Android command "adb logcat" to show logs from Android device. But it's show many text. And I want to filter to show ...
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android-mode can't find project root error

I want to use Emacs for Android development, so I installed android-mode. But I get an error. I entering path, package, activity names and I get "can't find project root" error. I am using Ubuntu ...
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Tramp fails to open remote shell when connecting to android

I'm trying to connect to my Android device via SSH using TRAMP. I've setup my SSHDroid, configured ssh keys and my ~/.ssh/config, so I'm able to connect with just ssh android from terminal. But when ...
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Android emacs font not available, for resize

I've installed emacs with f-droid and I'm trying to increase the font size, but it says the font is not available no matter what i try. Is there a package that needs to be installed? All in trying to ...
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"Tramp: Opening adb shell connection...failed" + extra characters ^[7 and ^[8 present

It happens when I try to connect from emacs-26.3/tramp- onto my sgs5's lineageos14.1 adb shell. *tramp/adb d73896d9* buffer contents is the following: nv COLUMNS=1 ls -d -l /; echo ...
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Android manifest - find launch activity name programmatically

Is it possible to find the launch class name programmatically? For example, if the manifest is as below: <application android:allowBackup="true" android:icon="@mipmap/ic_launcher" ...
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How can I start Emacs from the command line on Android?

The reason I want this, is that I need to run with --debug-init First, I find the package name $adb shell pm list packages |grep -i emac package:org.gnu.emacs Then I try to start it $ adb shell am ...
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Android emacs keyboard not popping up

I've installed f-droid emacs and i switch to messages buffer, but then the keyboard disappears and i can't get it back up since there is no keyboard icon on the corner. I have in the Android settings ...
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How can I build the native aarch64 Emacs application for Android on a x86_64 system?

I'm struggling to build Emacs from the feature/android branch. I tried running the ./configure script this way: ANDROIDJAR=~/Android/platforms/android-33-ext4/android.jar BUILDTOOLS=~/Android/build-...
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