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org-agenda-to-appt Not Working

I'm trying to get org-agenda-to-appt working but I am currently getting No event to add when running this command. org-agenda-list returns a bunch of items, one of which has Deadline: prefixed. My ...
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change warning time on a per appointment basis

I use appt to remind me of my upcoming appointments (which I keep in an org-mode file). Under this setup, my computer beeps five minutes before the beginning of the next appointment (see setup here). ...
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How can I tell appt to warn me about tasks not done in the past?

I use appt with org-mode to warn me when is time to do something scheduled. I have one repetitive task schedule to be checked and done once per week, but there is a possibility that I may not turn on ...
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Set default timing for reminders/warnings, without identical intervals

In what follows, I use the terms "warning" and "reminder" synonymously. By default, I would like Org to visually warn me of upcoming appointments, at the following times: 15 minutes in advance; 1 ...
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How to change the reminder/announcement times for `appt`?

I want to change the reminder/announcement times that appt uses. I know I can do things like: (setq appt-message-warning-time 15) to start the reminders 15 minutes ahead, but how do I change the ...
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