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emacs multiple regex apropos

If I use apropos-command or apropos-documentation it prompts me for a word list or a regex. In the command line, apropos allows for multiple regexes where it only shows matches that match all the ...
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How to find Emacs Lisp Org Mode functions

How can I find Org Mode emacs lisp functions like org-current-level which is used in the answer for Org subtree from yasnippet? I looked for the command in the Org Mode Manual but didn't find it there....
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How to automatically select apropos buffer when it is displayed

It is possible to automatically select *Help* buffers when they are displayed by doing (setq help-window-select t) (relevant question: How to close help buffer without moving to it?). Is there a ...
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Info-apropos within current manual

Info-apropos "grovels indices of all known Info files on your system for STRING" and builds a menu of the possible matches. However, with numerous manuals on my system, the process takes a ...
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Why is appropos (C-h a) not finding all terms, e.g. backup doesnt find make-backup-file-name-function

When running C-h a then entering backup, it lists the following matches, but not all of them (e.g. does not find the make-backup-file-name-function)? Buffer-menu-backup-unmark M-x ... RET Move ...
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How to discover (standard) function names?

When programing emacs (or common) lisp, how to discover (standard) function names (using emacs and working offline)? Example: Let's say you want to shift bits of an integer, but you don't now ...
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