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Edit encrypted, compressed files fails

I've been trying to write an encrypted org document which also has images. A requirement is that the images should be bundled with the org document. I thought that the most straightforward approach ...
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How to archive DONE tasks while keeping their tree structure with org-agenda-bulk-action?

I am able to select the tasks that I want to archive by doing: C-c a T DONE|CANCELLED RET * B But then none of the bulk options match my needs. $ remove the selected tasks and put them flatly into ...
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always show archived tasks in org-agenda

Good day! I have this line of code in my .emacs: (require 'org-agenda) (setq org-agenda-archives-mode t) Basically I want agenda items to be extracted from archive file. As soon as I start emacs and ...
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How to edit file in nested archive

I have the following archive structure: ├── .ebextensions/ │  └── config.config ├── Dockerfile └── target/ └──jar.jar With emacs I can open and edit the archive files, and also "...
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How do I exit an archive in no-window mode?

When navigating the directory structure in no window mode, there is always .. at the top of the current directory, so that one can leave it and go to the directory up ahead. I am using emacs 26.3 ...
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org-archive-subtree: Invalid ‘org-archive-location’ Mark set

I get this when I try to archive a subtree. My config reads (setq org-archive-location "~/mega/org/") which does exist. So what am I doing wrong here?
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Can't delete files inside zip archive

windows 10, emacs 26.1 In dired mode I enter a zip archive by press enter Nice. Now I want to delete one file and one dir inside archive. I mark it by d and press x . But I get this error: No ...
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emacs archive-mode rar files

While the documentation states that archive mode supports rar files, I seem to have no luck with it. Trying to view/open a rar file in dired, lead to this message: File mode specification error: (...
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Is there any way to view/edit the zip archive comment field

Zip files have a comment field for files and an archive comment, that you can set activating the --archive-comment option and display them with the zipnote command. Is there any emacs package to edit ...
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Can Emacs be used to browse a cpio archive?

Can Emacs be used to browse a cpio archive? I've tried to open a cpio file in Emacs in Ubuntu 15.04 (Vivid), but it simply shows me its content as is, not allowing to browse it as a directory of ...
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Can't open zip files in emacs

When I try to open a zip file in emacs I just see the binary file instead of a listing of the files. I get the following backgrace: Debugger entered--Lisp error: (args-out-of-range 36585 36589) ...
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Extract file(s) to hard-drive from `archive-mode`

I'm looking for a means to extract individual and marked files from archives (e.g., *.zip; *.gz, etc.) to the hard-drive (without opening them in a buffer) using archive-mode. A suggested ...
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