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1 answer

org-export-to-ascii - standalone version?

I'm curious if there is a standalone binary of the org-export-to-ascii that is used in emacs to export... well org files to an ascii format. I tried looking into the emacs documentation and could not ...
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Doom Emacs AsciiDoc syntax highlighting?

I want to write AsciiDoc documents in Emacs (more specifically Doom Emacs) with syntax highlighting. I've tried: Adding (package! adoc-mode) to the bottom of ~/.doom.d/packages.el . Adding adoc-mode ...
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1 answer

Left-aligning the title in org export to ASCII

When I export an Org document to text, the title (along with the decorative ASCII art above and below it) is centered. What's the best way to suppress the centering, and simply have it start at the ...
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How to replace ascii codes with characters in custom settings or buffer?

I customized org-tag-alist using the built-in customization interface. This stored the values in ("tag") . <ascii key value>) pairs like this: ("ez" . 90) ("pin"...
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What is the keycode of C-TAB?

iTerm does not send ctrl+tab itself, so I need to configure it myself. I can't figure it what key code ctrl+tab is though.
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How to remove indent on left margin and vertical line from src block when exporting org-mode to ascii?

When I export an org file to an ascii file, using org-export-to-ascii, I get some annoying lines on the left margin and an indent ,---- | .class{ | background:red; | } This is what I'm after: ....
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What are these characters?

I have been on the agenda of actually applying the formatting done by various programs within various types of Emacs major modes, e. g., the compilation major mode. I found this and added this to my ...
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What ASCII character is C-q C-E?

I did a spurious replacement across many files that shows in Emacs as '^E', equivalently the result of C-q C-E. What ASCII character does that correspond to, so I can undo the replacement?
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