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How can I wrap org-preview-latex-fragment to be async?

Calling org-preview-latex-fragment blocks user input for a second or two depending on the size of your fragment, and with universal args, converting all fragments in buffer can take minutes. It would ...
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Is there some way to continue reading from a STDIN file descriptor when data is PIPED to Emacs on Command-line?

Historical Perspective On Unix like operating systems, it is common practice to redirect IO between shell commands using pipes. For example, the command below would insert all the lines that didn't ...
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Org async export show pdf after completion

With synchronous export I can call C-c C-e l o to generate a pdf and open it. If I try the same keys with the async export, i.e. C-c C-e C-a l o, then the pdf will be generated but the pdf won't open. ...
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Debugging for Elisp threads?

Let's say some package does (make-thread (lambda () (message "Started thread.") (error "Fit happens.") (message "Finished thread."))) Regardless of M-x ...
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How to avoid losing focus after starting an asynchronous process?

The lisp function start-process is meant to start an asynchronous subprocess, namely a process running independently of Emacs itself. I have noticed that, under my GNOME desktop environment, when my ...
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How can I automatically rename buffers created with `async-shell-command` to the shell command that was called?

I am often opening exwm buffers by running async-shell-command but unfortunately these buffers always get named *EXWM*. It would be great if when I ran async-shell-command 'firefox the buffer that ...
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Process sentinels don't run during init in GUI Emacs

Ok, this issue I'm running into seems pretty weird. I'm running an async process during init and I have set a process sentinel to tell me when it exits. This works fine in terminal Emacs but in GUI ...
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How to debug hanging emacs-async command?

I'm trying to set up a function running on my timer to refresh my org-gcal files by using the emacs-async library as follows: (async-get (async-start `(lambda () ,(async-inject-variables "...
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Insert output of slow external process in current buffer, character-by-character

Imagine in the current buffer I have the text: Hello Bye I want to call an external program and add the output of it at the end of the buffer. The tricky thing is that the external program provides ...
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How can I execute synchronously a xdotool process in an Elisp function?

I want to perform a repetitive task using Emacs and another program (which, unfortunately, runs under X). I have then set up an elisp function and a xdotool script to do the two parts of the work. The ...
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Exporting JPG image from LaTeX SRC-block with :async header

I like to generate JPG images from my LaTeX/tikz drawings in my org files. For this, I use constructs like #+NAME: my image #+HEADER: :file my-image.jpg #+BEGIN_SRC latex :results file raw :...
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Using diff-buffer-with-file to merge differences between the disk and the buffer

I sync my org files via Dropbox. Occasionally, Dropbox will bring in changes into a file whose buffer I've already modified. I can diff the buffer and the file on disk with diff-buffer-with-file; but ...
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How to prevent a function being called multiple times? (locking)

With a function that calls an asynchronous process, it's possible to call the same function multiple times. What is a reliable way to avoid this that properly handles quit and errors being raised? ...
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asynchronously running org-toggle-latex-fragment

In orgmode, it is quite useful to view the equations inline. However, sometimes this can take a while to execute. Running org-toggle-latex-fragment asynchronously would be quite useful. However, most ...
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How to make dired-do-async-shell-command wait for all sub processes to finish

I'm trying to run the bash script, ~/bin/xlda, ... #!/bin/sh # ~/bin/xlda old_filename="$1" new_filename=`echo $old_filename | sed 's/\(.*\.\)flac/\1m4a/'` ~/bin/xld -f alac -o "$new_filename" "$...
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Emacs continuously asking for input and not sure what is the cause

I have this function implemented to basically compile and run the cpp file I am writing. Some files needs input (cin) so running this function will not stop and would continuously showing this message:...
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Best way to test output sent to a buffer

I'm writing an emacs package for Pipenv and the spike solution uses sync shell calls, which is not desirable for general usage. I'm now changing calls to be async (make-process) and for output to go ...
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