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Regenerate ctags TAGS file without freezing Emacs for a while?

When I'm currently in a large project and I call the command projectile-regenate-tags, the project will be scanned by ctags and the tags will be stored in the TAGS file. While all this action is ...
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Silent/Asynchronous gnus-demon?

Is it possible for gnus-demon to be asynchronous and silent? I have this: (gnus-demon-add-handler 'gnus-demon-scan-news 5 nil) And every 5 minutes, emacs gets stuck fetching new stuff. Which is ...
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avoid emacs to lock down or crash when used for many tasks

I consider to start using emacs for IRC, SQL, Shell and maybe twitter and Feed reading. But than I wonder how power users of emacs deal with emacs being single threaded. So if I have one long-running ...
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start-process output processed too slowly

When start a command asynchronously, using (start-process ...), the output is added to the buffer 3-5 times more slowly than if I had used (async-shell-command ...). I don't have any output filters, I ...
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Turning active M-! into M-& (a'ka emacs equiv to bash Ctrl-Z)

From time to time I happen to M-! some_command just to find that the command runs longer than I expected and keeps my emacs frozen for long seconds. So I glaze at my frozen emacs and kick myself for ...
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How to prevent tramp from blocking when entering password?

For my speech recognition mode I have emacs listen asynchronously using make-network-process for messages sent by my python client. If I say anything that should translate to emacs taking an action ...
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How to make dired-do-async-shell-command wait for all sub processes to finish

I'm trying to run the bash script, ~/bin/xlda, ... #!/bin/sh # ~/bin/xlda old_filename="$1" new_filename=`echo $old_filename | sed 's/\(.*\.\)flac/\1m4a/'` ~/bin/xld -f alac -o "$new_filename" "$...
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9 votes
4 answers

Async shell process buffer always clobbers window arrangement

I frequently launch external programs from emacs using M-!, such as Firefox or Evince, etc. Whenever I do, a buffer pops up full of results for the process, which clobbers whatever else I've got going ...
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Asynchronously wait for output from a comint process

First of all, a disclaimer. I have researched this many times, and I am pretty sure that I have already found the answer one way or another, but I just don't understand it. My problem is the ...
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How can I run an async process in the background without popping up a buffer?

I have defined some functions to run async background process using async-shell-command in my .emacs, but everytime I run the commands a new window (not frame) is created and the process' buffer is ...
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