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Question about the usage of package autoinsert

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auto-insert-mode picks the wrong template if in $HOME

I created two template files template.c and template.h in my ~/.emacs.d/autoinsert. I have this in my ~/.emacs.d/init.el: ; Insert default content for new files (auto-insert-mode) ;;; Adds hook to ...
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Move cursor down on auto-insert

#+SETUPFILE: ~/.emacs.d/org-templates/ I have the above line auto-inserted on new org files. Is there a way to make the cursor move to the next line? Now it stays at the beginning of the ...
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Auto insert include guard in cpp header when inside projectile project

I am currently learning C++ and I came across include guards to avoid double inclusion. Now I would like to use the google's style convention like this : // project/src/app.hpp #ifndef ...
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Using auto-insert and yasnippet to insert variables into template

I've been reading this and this, trying to figure out how to have an org-mode in-buffer settings template such as this: # # -*- mode: org -*- # # -*- coding: utf-8 -*- #+TITLE: $1 #+AUTHOR: `(user-...
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How to increase a magic number in a file buffer on each save

I want to change a magic number (or a time stamp) in a file buffer on each save. The position of the magic number in the buffer can be given through a regex with a keyword or similar. Is there any ...
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Autoinsert a python skeleton

I start my python files (.py) with #!/usr/bin/env python3 and sometimes if __name__ == '__main__': somefunc() having done it some hundreds of time manually I decided to automate it in Emacs. (...
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auto-insert mode switch to new file

I managed to insert a template to certain sripts with autocomplete. Example: (auto-insert-mode) (setq auto-insert-query nil) (setq auto-insert-alist '(((ess-mode . "R script") nil "# R ...
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Both set mode and insert in auto-insert-alist lambda

I have the following as a member of auto-insert-alist: (("/home/robin/.local/bin/.*[^/]\\'" . "Shell-Script mode magic number") lambda nil (if (eq major-mode (default-value 'major-...
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Autoinsert inserts template twice

I want to use autoinsert with C and headers, the code from works well so I made my own template for header in an elisp funtion, but the insertion repeat ...
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Why is autoheader crashing with web-mode?

I got a situation here, that I couldn't get resolved with the maintainer of web-mode. So I'm asking here, if anyone knows a good suggestion. Ok, what I have here: GNU Emacs GUI (version (...
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How can I quit entering keywords when I auto-insert with Helm?

When I M-x find-file RET file.el RET and then run M-x auto-insert, I am eventually presented with a list of keywords that Helm will complete for me. Trouble is, I have no idea how to finish the Helm ...
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Best way to make org-mode reload in-buffer settings

I am using auto-insert so that I can get the usual things I use for org mode when opening a new .org file, example: #+AUTHOR: Edgar Aroutiounian #+EMAIL: [email protected] #+STARTUP: ...
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auto-insert a skeleton and run a function when creating a new file

auto-insert-alist by default matches files created in .../bin/ directories and enables sh-mode. There are examples on the wiki showing how to use a skeleton to insert some text, but I want to both ...
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