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Can auto-mode-alist be used to have Emacs transparently encrypt and decrypt a non .gpg file?

I currently have Emacs encrypting a .gpg file transparently as is the expected behaviour and I'm wondering if this can be extended to all file types so that Emacs can attempt decryption on all files ...
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dir local “auto-mode-alist” sets wrong mode

;;; /tmp/test/.dir-locals.el ((auto-mode-alist . (("/\\.dir-locals\\(-2\\)?\\.el\\'" . lisp-data-mode) ("/[^/-][^/]*\\.el\\'" . emacs-lisp-mode))))...
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auto-mode-alist for python files

Am doing the following for org files. (add-to-list 'auto-mode-alist '("\\.org\\'" . org-mode)) What should I do for python ?
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How to load octave-mode

I'd like to use the octave mode for emacs. There is no octave-mode package in MELPA, but EmacsWiki ( and the emacs manual seem to suggest that it is built-in ...
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When is the major-mode assigned to an input file determined by its file extension?

How does Emacs determine the major-mode assigned to a file based on file extension, e.g. .txt or .odt? If the filename has no extension, and I don't do anything to tell Emacs how to treat it, what ...
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Trim a suffix before applying auto-mode-alist

I am pretty sure there was a way to remove backup suffixes like ~ and .bak before mode detection, but I just can't find it anymore...
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`use-package` :defer prevents :mode from actually inserting something in auto-mode-alist

In my init.el, I have something like (use-package racket-mode :mode "\\.rkt\\'") However, when I open a .rkt file, racket-mode does not start. Running (alist-get "\\.rkt\\'" ...
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same files.el.gz, different auto-mode-alist

Two Debian systems with different history of apt-based and local software installations. On one system, cmake-mode works, on the other not, though file /usr/local/share/emacs/site-lisp/cmake-mode.el ...
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How to enable a major + a minor mode on loading a file?

Clojure files should open in Clojure-mode. I also have Clojure files that contain color info and are used to generate my styles; they live under a /styles path. For these files, I want them to have ...
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Using two programming languages with the same file extension

I am just starting to set up a perl environment in emacs but the problem is that I already program with prolog and both languages use the .pl file extension. I have two directory ~/src/prolog and ~/...
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2 answers

How can I make sure that Emacs opens files with extension `*.rec` as normal text files?

How can I make sure that Emacs opens files with extension *.rec as normal text files? When I try to open a file with the extnsion *.rec, I get the error message Running someFile.rec...done without the ...
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Do m-x command on entering buffer with a specific file type

Sorry if this is a really noob question. I have recently gotten into Emacs with the Spacemacs distribution and I installed a plugin called "focus." I want to be able to have the command &...
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How to stop Emacs from using LaTeX mode key bindings for `*.tex` files?

It seems that Emacs tries to autodetect the type of file and changes some of its behaviors accordingly. I don't want any of this behavior. I just want Emacs to treat every file as if it were some ...
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How do I associate a file such as git's `COMMIT_EDITMSG` with a specific mode?

I was doing following solution for markdown files: How do I associate a file extension with a specific mode? (autoload 'markdown-mode "markdown-mode.el" "Major mode for editing Markdown files" t) ...
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How to make Emacs edit JSON data in `json-mode`?

I am working with GNU Emacs 23.1.1. When working with a .json file it is treated in the Fundamental mode: How can I have the json file treated in the json mode? I note that GNU Emacs 24.3.1 opens ...
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does one has to explicity enable python-mode etc. to work with python files?

Sometimes I see people talking about enabling python-mode and so on. Is that only necessary for older emacs versions? I thought, the respective mode is enabled automatically when opening a ...
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Enable diff-mode for files with diff-ish content

How do I make Emacs automatically turn on diff-mode for any file with diff-looking content, eg. --- a.txt +++ b.txt @@ -1234,56 +1234,56 @@
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"Dissasociate" auto-mode for specific files (in ESS)

I'd like to keep ess as automatic major mode for R files and everything else, except for Julia, for which I want to use julia-mode alone. However, I cannot find out how to "unbind" the file ...
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Is There a Way To Set "Lisp-Interaction-Mode" to be Default?

I'm using Emacs in the terminal of Mac. Each time I exist an .el file and reopen another, I have to set lisp-interaction-mode. Is there some sort of command or item I can place in the .emacs file to ...
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