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Auto Revert Backup

With auto revert enabled, is there any way to save a backup?;) , Justin Case I've looked in the docs, but I find no reference to saving a snapshot before it sends the bits off to /dev/null
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Mode to automatically open generated files

I'm looking for a mode or hook that automatically opens a generated in read-only and auto-revert-mode mode alongside an associated with a source file. For instance when calling dmd -vgc-ast on a .d-...
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How to prevent `Reverting buffer ‘<filename>’` message showing up?

I have plenty of files opened in my emacs daemon. In the background there is a running process which make changes on the *.yaml files that are already opened in my emacs. I am using auto-revert-mode ...
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"buffer is not visiting file" when trying to tail "elfeed-log"

When I turn on auto revert tail mode on a elfeed-log buffer I get error "buffer is not visiting file" in the mini buffer. So now what?
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Auto-reverting only renderable PDF buffers

I'm using pdf-view mode and the global auto-revert mode with LaTeX and latexmk. This works fine, except that, a couple of times during the compilation, the PDF is in a useless state and the PDF ...
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How to stop autorevert polling

To quote, By default, Auto-Revert mode works using file notifications, whereby changes in the filesystem are reported to Emacs by the OS. You can disable use of file notifications by ...
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automatically backup before revert

I would like to backup buffers before they are (auto) reverted. This is nontrivial because the file a buffer is visiting isn't current, and the backup system normally works by duplicating the file ...
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Can't see changes in file on remote Unix machine "on fly"

Windows 10 (64 bit), Emacs 25.1 in my .emacs I have: (global-auto-revert-mode t) So when I open file (in dired mode) on my LOCAL machine it's success refresh opened file "on fly". Nice. Now I ...
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Auto-revert for changed pdf buffers?

Specifically in the content of exporting org->latex->pdf when using pdftools to view the resulting pdf, how can I stop emacs from asking me if I want to revert the pdf buffer and instead just auto-...
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dired not showing recently created files when emacs is run in daemon mode

When running emacs in daemon mode, a directory listing using dired does not seem to show the latest created files. What could be the cause of this issue, and how can I fix it?
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Org-Export does not respect (global-)auto-revert-mode

When exporting an org document to pdf via LaTeX, C-c C-e l o, if the pdf to be generated has already been visited in an existing buffer, neither of the variables auto-revert-mode nor global-auto-...
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Prevent Emacs from auto-reverting when the file size is over 10 GB

How can I prevent Emacs from auto-reverting only when the file size is over 10 GB? I know that there's the large-file-warning-threshold option but it doesn't work for auto-reverting. I'm dealing with ...
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How to stop dired printing "Reverting buffer ..."

After setting dired-auto-revert-buffer to t, even when I'm working on a buffer of file that may produce some results, the message keep printing if there is a dired buffer behind current buffer. This ...
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Only enable auto-revert-mode for the current buffer

I use auto-revert-mode and ideally I would like the auto-revert-interval to be very small, e.g. 0.5 seconds or less. But I am concerned about performance problems when I have many buffers open, ...
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automatically update buffers when focusing if file changed

When programming, I often switch from emacs to Xcode and viceversa. When I switch to Xcode, it automatically updates the current file when I focus Xcode window, if it detects that there are some ...
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Emacs auto-revert remote image file

I would like to auto-revert some remote image/pdf files. I have activated the option (setq auto-revert-remote-files t) and see that the file effectively auto-revert. Yet the image does not update. I ...
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Using Tramp for logs

I am trying to use Tramp with auto-revert-tail-mode to perform a tail of a remote log. Every time the log updates (which is often), the screen briefly jumps to the bottom of the file and then back to ...
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How to enable auto-revert-mode for files under a certain directory

I have my org files kept synchronized via rsync with various devices. These buffers are usually open in any running emacs instances due to agenda and capture. I want emacs to re-read these files from ...
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global-auto-revert-mode doesn't seem to work?

My init file includes (setq global-auto-revert-mode t) and I can confirm it's true with C-h v. But I still have to manually revert all my files with revert-buffer whenever I change git branches. I ...
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Auto-refresh files when using tramp

I am viewing remote log files using tramp mode in emacs. Is there a way to get tramp to auto-refresh these buffers when they change remotely? If this is not possible, is there a way to reload a ...
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Why is auto-revert-mode not working?

I have a file (my org-mode todo list) that I keep in sync across my machines, and I often leave it open in Emacs. Thus, I placed the following in my .dir-locals.el in the same folder as this file: ((...
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Can I set a particular file to automatically and silently accept changes?

That is, can I specify for a particular file that I don't want Emacs to notify me that the file has changed on disk and prompt me about whether I want to accept changes or not? I don't want to do ...
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Making an image (ie. image-mode) auto reload changes from disk

I have an image generated by plantuml which I open in an Image mode buffer. I want to use Auto-Revert mode so it auto-refreshes, but it doesn't seem to work on Image mode buffers for some reason. Is ...
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