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Autocomplete with Gopls only completing modules

I'm having trouble setting up Go autocomplete with Emacs. It only autocompletes (some) modules and nothing else, for example: Here I would expect to autocomplete the name of the variable above (at ...
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Can cape be disabled on a mode basis?

I love using cape in text mode, but I cannot figure out how to stop it from activating in programming modes. Is it possible to either only enable it in certain modes or to disable it in specific modes?...
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LaTeX equation numbers with Emacs

Equation labels in the .tex document are \label{eq:3}, e.g., which is (7) on the output pdf-document (say); \eqref{eq:3} references this equation. Typing <C-x-o> at point (| in the following ...
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Corfu autocompletion popups are not working with eglot-grammarly

I am unable to get autocompletion with corfu when I enable eglot-grammarly. Here is a MWE. (setq straight-build-dir (format "build/%d%s%d" emacs-major-...
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Prevent completion of the empty string

I would like to prevent completions to the empty string in python and in inferior-python-mode. To explain a bit better - when the prompt or the string is empty, there are no completions proposed. When ...
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Why is autopairing for "<>" enabled in org-mode when I have electric-pair-mode enabled but do not have "<>" in electric-pair-pairs?

Here's a snippet of my config related to electric-mode: (setq electric-pair-pairs '( (?\{ . ?\}) (?\( . ?\)) (?\[ . ?\]) (?\&...
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Smart underscore and auto-complete not working with ESS installed from MELPA

I am using Emacs 26.4 from ubuntu repository on ubuntu 20.04. I have swtiched from ESS by the ubuntu repository to the MELPA ESS, in order to have ESS working with R-4 (see this: ESS start process ...
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How to autocomplete a property?

I've replicated org mode's example, except I didn't manually fill out the value for key Publisher under Goldberg Variations. How do I get a prompt for autocompletion? * CD collection :PROPERTIES: :...
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How to autocomplete dynamically created objects in python code?

Is anybody able to get suggestions after typing x. using code below? E.g. name import json from types import SimpleNamespace data = '{"name": "John Smith", "hometown": {&...
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How to disable auto-complete while in lisp mode?

I try to find which mode displays a popup menu with a list of candidates while entering code in emacs lisp. Whenever I type 2 letters a popup menu appears. I would like to disable it in lisp or prog ...
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Corfu only working with elisp

I have tried a couple auto-completions engines on emacs, I had been working with auto-complete because it was the only one that I got working. I simply added some modes to a list and it was done: (add-...
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prompt available function list after input dot symbol

I would like emacs show all available functions after input dot symbol, for example, after input re., emacs show search, findall, ... then I can select one of them. I have installed auto-complete mode ...
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No autocomplete in interactive python

OS: Windows 10 Emacs: 28.2 Python: 3.10 Package: elpy My init.el: ... (elpy-enable) ;; Use IPython for REPL (setq python-shell-interpreter "jupyter" python-shell-interpreter-args "...
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Any resources on implementing auto complete for a not well used language

I am working on a large ColdFusion project. I was using intellij since it had a linter and autocomplete for this language. I did find a ColdFusion mode but, that was only for syntax. Is there anyway I ...
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