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Questions tagged [automation]

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Add custom parenthesis before and after selection

I use emacs to write latex and I need to enclose a lot of small expression in braces ( \{ and \} for latex) I would like to select the text to enclose and have some command that would add { before the ...
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Triggering abbreviation expansion or auto completion automatically from a regular expression match?

With abbrev mode, I can define abbreviations that trigger when I type a certain term. For example, typing "yn" would be expanded to "Your Name". For this, "yn" must have been defined as an ...
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Is there a pexpect like automation for serial-term or term-mode

Is there something similar to pexpect that can be used to automate a tty connection running inside emacs, i.e. in term-mode or on top of serial-term ? I'd like to automate some repetitive tasks like ...
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