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Avy copy/delete partial sentence of a certain line

I have a question how to implement a command specific to avy. A template of a command which I would like to generalize is avy-kill-ring-save-whole-line. I want to be able to copy/delete from char to ...
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Hide cursor (and marks) in all windows while using avy or ace-window

I find occasionally hard to read the labels from avy or ace-window when they overlap with the cursor (I have cursor-on-non-selected-window set to t). Same issue with ace-window (even more relevant ...
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Invoking a function from within avy

I have bound avy-goto-char-timer to C-j globally. But I want the key chord C-j C-s to invoke isearch-forward-symbol-at-point. Is that possible ?
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Create avy zap to char and up to char function

Good day, I like the zap to char and zap up to char functions from evil. Since sometimes you would like to delete a prolonged sentence, I use evil-delete with selecting the char by evil-avy-goto-char-...
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How do I jump to the previous/next modification (relative to the git HEAD) in the current file?

How do I jump to the previous/next modification (relative to the git HEAD) in the current file? Ideally, I like sth like swiper that lets me choose to easily jump between modifications.
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Confine avy search to a single line/paragraph

Is there a good way to do this? Much of the time I find myself using avy-mode I only want to jump somewhere within the current paragraph or line. With stock avy, this involves entering numerous keys ...
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Is it possible to use avy to jump to known positions in a buffer?

I want to use avy to jump to fields in a bibtex entry. I have only found a way to use a regex to specify jump places in avy so far. I don't want to just build a regex to match the fields in an entry, ...
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Why is avy-goto-line so slow?

If I open a file with, say, 2 lines, then when I call avy-goto-line emacs shows me in the beginning of each line the keybinding to move the cursor over there. But try it in a bit longer file (I use a ...
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Get thing-at-point to include periods

I'm using avy to select and insert symbols on screen with the help of thing-at-point. Is there an obvious way to get this to include periods? At the moment if I select self.blah I get just self (or ...
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Use avy to select distant word or line and paste at point

Is there a way to use avy or a similar in-buffer selection tool to quickly select a word or line to paste at the current point? For the following buffer an example workflow for proposed functionality ...
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Avy is not labelling every character I want to jump to

I can't jump to every instance of a character, for instance consider this line : if( c == '\n' || c == ' ' || c == '\n') continue; Pressing avy-shortcut SPACE to label all the white spaces will ...
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Avy - Moving Between Terminal Frames

I've only just recently started using avy to navigate inside my buffers and it seems to work nicely. As for my question however, with avy-all-windows set to all-frames I am able to navigate between ...
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