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How to stop auto backup in some directory in Emacs

In general I want Emacs to save a backup file for me, except in some special directories. I tried to define a Directory Local Variables, and add: ((nil . ((make-backup-files . nil)))) But it seem ...
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3 answers

Put all backups into one backup folder

How can I set up Emacs so that all backups are placed into one backup folder? e.g. /MyEmacsBackups
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9 votes
3 answers

Automatic deletion of backup files

When editing files, some backups appear (files ending with a tilde ~). How can I control their creations, and is it possible to ask for a recursive bulk deletion of all files from a ...
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Backup saved buffers to Dropbox (or other specific directory)

Is it possible to customize Emacs so that whenever I save a file, Emacs also copies it to a specific folder? This directory could be, for instance, D:\my_backups or C:\Users\username\Dropbox\...
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recover backup files

Is there a command for recover the current file from the backup ? I have a file ~/temp.txt and some backup files !home!djangoliv!temp.txt.~1~ ... !home!djangoliv!temp.txt.~5~, !home!djangoliv!temp....
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