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Questions tagged [beamer]

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Export all org-mode sections as Beamer frames?

Is there a way to have all of my Org-mode sections export as Beamer frames? For instance, if I have a document like * A ** B ** C then I would like a slide for each of A, B, and C. Setting H:2 gives ...
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Add a background image to pdf export of an org-beamer file

I'd like to add a background image to a single page in a pdf I am creating with M-x org-beamer-export-to-pdf using the Metropolis theme (no relation). The use of the theme doesn't appear to be the ...
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Export settings question from Beamer example written by org-mode

A minimal example can be found in Here Can anyone explain the following line funtion? #+COLUMNS: %45ITEM %10BEAMER_ENV(Env) %10BEAMER_ACT(Act) %4BEAMER_COL(Col) %8BEAMER_OPT(Opt) The worg says ...
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How to view outline with slide counts in org-beamer-mode?

While working on a presentation in org-beamer-mode today I accidentally hit some unintended sequence of keys. This produced an outline view of the presentation, where each item in the outline had ...
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"Ignoreheading" Beamer Environment doesn't work with :BEAMER_act: Overlay

What I would like to do is the following: I have a beamer frame where I added :BEAMER_act: [<+->]. This works well with all blocks that follow, but not when I set :BEAMER_env: ignoreheading. ...
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Setting fonts in org-beamer with Metropolis theme

Environment: OSX 10.13.4, spacemacs 0.200.7 Here's a pared-down org-beamer file #+TITLE: A Presentation #+SUBTITLE: A really good one, in fact #+AUTHOR: WallyMetropolis #+DATE: 05-02-2018 #+OPTIONS: ...
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AUCTeX folding: don't display error

Here is a common beamer slide: \begin{frame} \frametitle{Test} \begin{itemize} \item \textbf<1>{Item one} \item \textbf<2>{Item two} \end{itemize} \end{frame} This is what it ...
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org beamer export vs < symbol

I'm using org mode beamer export. I have an itemized list I want an item to start with the text "<7ms" It seems to be almost impossible to quote the "<" character so that the org parser doesn'...
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Unknown "nil" backend with org-export-dispatch for beamer

I'm trying to use a single org-mode file to make a single org file that is exported to multiple slide-deck pdf files using beamer. I've got each tree labelled with a unique #+EXPORT_FILE_NAME: foo....
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Inline title with beamer block environment

I'd like to create a block environment that has the title bolded and in with a background color but also in line with the body text. For my uses having a separate title section wastes too much space. ...
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How to modify the width of an image in a column in a Beamer export in Org-mode?

I would like to modify the width of an image in a column in Org-mode when exporting to Beamer but when I try to modify the #+ATTR_LaTeX: width=1.5\textwidth statement, it has not effect on the width ...
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export to Beamer gets slower and slower

My presentation has like 30 slides, nothing fancy, mostly a couple of bullet points on each frame and in total like 10 small images. Still the export to beamer, i.e. a pdf takes like 10 seconds and ...
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