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How can I use an x-wav file in Emacs?

I was trying to customize my org-clock-sound with a file I took from Wikimedia Commons (here is the file). I know that Emacs can only play, natively, .wav and .au files. But apparently, my file is ...
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1 answer

How to stop Emacs from blinking?

My echo area blinks whenever I move the cursor up to end-of-buffer or beginning of buffer: This happens even when I comment out everything in my .emacs file. Where does this feature come from and ...
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4 answers

How to switch off the sounds?

Those sounds all the way drive me crazy, but it is uncomfortable to switch off system sounds at all because I need them in other places same time. I didn't find any settings where I could manage the ...
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2 answers

What is this square in the middle of the emacs' GUI?

I wonder how could I disable this annoying square which seems like it's zooming in the text under the emacs' cursor. How can I get rid of it? And what is this exactly? I am on emacs 24.5 (homebrew ...
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Ringing Bell in Macro with Search

It throws the error After 0 kbd macro iterations: isearch-search: Keyboard macro terminated by a command ringing the bell and I have no idea why, nor can I find anything about it by searching. Any ...
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Emacs flickers when I run certain commands (gif screencast included)

After I did an overhaul of my .emacs file yesterday (adding/removing packages, organizing, etc.), I'm left with an annoying screen flicker. It happens when I move the cursor to the edge of the buffer ...
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