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Profiler/Benchmark Macro Like the `Time` in Common Lisp

To profile Elisp code, I tried benchmark.el and some profiler--prefixed built-in functions. But all their reports are either non-human-readable or inadequate. I think the ideal outcome is like what ...
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Profiling org-mode init file

My initialization file is organized in org-mode with src snippets. Is there a way I can profile it to see which snippets take the most time to evaluate? When my initialization file was in Elisp, I was ...
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10 votes
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Are there any pre-existing benchmark suites for Emacs itself?

(This question is not about writing benchmarks/profiling elisp code, for that, see this question.) Do any benchmark suites exist for Emacs performance? I'm looking for something equivalent to the V8 ...
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How do I measure performance of elisp code?

How do I measure the performance of my elisp code? What tools / external packages are available for me to measure time taken? In addition to total time, can I see a profile that shows time taken per-...
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