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Use this tag for questions about 'Bookmark+', which is an enhancement over the built-in 'Bookmark' package.

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bookmark+ highlighting problem

I am trying to use bookmark+, but I am unable to get the highlighting as I wish (or, maybe, as I wrongly expect?): When I change the default highlight of a bookmark, I only see the purple flag, but ...
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Multiple Bookmarks Per File

I'm looking at Bookmark+, but is there any way to have multiple bookmarks per file, as in multiple line numbers per file. When I make a new bookmark in a file, the old one disappears, so it seems as ...
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How to create new bookmark type for use with Bookmark+?

With Bookmark+, we can define our own bookmark types, and list bookmarks by type. I am not a lisp programmer. Can someone give me an example of how to define a new type, such as dev or web?
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How to configure initial evil-state for major mode

When calling M-x bm-show-all Emacs is in normal state. I've to push the "i" key to switch to insert then hitting Enter on a bookmark goto that bookmark. I tried this : (use-package evil :...
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Bookmark Plus and pdf-tools/pdf-view error

I've installed Bookmarks+ from quelpa recently, and everything was working fine until I made a minor tweak with my pdf-tools config. Now I cannot jump to bookmarks of .pdf files from any buffer, ...
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