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Bookmarks are a mechanism for storing locations to things, including files, allowing users to quickly return to them.

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Helm: copy file to bookmarked directory

I am using spacemacs. I want to achieve similar thing to the one in question browse through bookmarks in dired. I would like to be able to quickly choose an alternative destination from within the ...
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Bookmark+ how to easily bookmark a window configuration?

In the manual for Bookmark+ it says: A function bookmark simply invokes some function — any function. You can, for instance, define a window or frame configuration and record the configuration ...
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Bookmarks: how to display both file content and bookmark annotation without closing the *Bookmark List* buffer window?

When in my *Bookmarks List* buffer (Bookmarks vanilla), I can place point on a bookmark, and call the function bookmark-bmenu-switch-other-window. This will open a second window, to the right, showing ...
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How to stop bookmarks from remembering the cursor place?

Bookmarks remember the file together with the place of the cursor when the file is bookmarked. But I just want the cursor to start in the beginning of the file when visiting it through bookmarks. ...
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bm-bookmarks show bookmarks on closed buffers

I use the bm package. Is there any way to go to a saved bookmark while the file where it was defined is closed (means not opened in a active buffer). While using : bookmark-set, bookmark-jump, ...
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How do I make new bookmarks (`bookmark-set`) be added to the end, not the beginning?

How do I make new bookmarks (bookmark-set) be added to the end of the bookmark file, not the beginning?
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How to clear bookmark highlighting

A few months back my Emacs started to highlight bookmarks. I build and run from master, using the Homebrew emacs-head package. However even after I remove bookmarks, the highlighting remains. I ...
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How to bookmark current line right before jumping to beginning of buffer and get back?

I am working on Python files and jump to beginning section to fix some imports and come back to point I am working on. I want to use Bookmark, when I make a change on beginning of the file and come-...
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