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Whitespace-mode characters: customise mapping of printable character representations

The whitespace-mode has a default mapping from whitespace characters to printable characters: U+0020 → U+00B7 “·” U+0009 → U+00BB “»” U+000A → U+0024 “$” etc. How can I change which printable ...
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Can I modify whitespace mode to distinguish hard and soft newlines?

Currently, whitespace.el shows me newline characters by changing the display table to show a $ at the end of lines. I don't actually find this useful, so I disable it while I enjoy the many other ...
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How to define an image as a display-table entry

Is there any way to create a custom image (e.g., using an xpm format) and use it in the display-table? I see that XEmacs had a function called make-glyph -- e.g., (make-glyph '([xpm :file "~/...
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Nice TTY window borders in 24.4

I've seen snippets like this: (set-display-table-slot standard-display-table 'vertical-border (make-glyph-code ?┃)) That claim to make emacs use a prettier window divider character. However, ...
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How to use unicode character for truncation and wrap slots in the standard display table

I'm trying to set unicode characters for the truncation and wrap slots in the standard display table (see code below) that are used in terminal mode or GUI when there is no fringe. It is working for ...
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Possible to modify 'whitespace-display-mappings' at runtime?

Making changes to whitespace-display-mappings while emacs runs doesn't seem to do anything. (setq whitespace-display-mappings '( (space-mark 32 [183] [46]) ; middle-dot (tab-mark 9 [9654 9] [...
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How to display Unicode bidi markers only in Whitespace mode?

There's a way of displaying Unicode bidirectionality markers. The problem is: it makes them visible all the time. Is it possible to show them only in whitespace mode? PS I'm not chained to the method ...
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How to completely remove truncation symbol (default '$') from truncated lines when no fringes?

In a GUI Emacs without fringes, I would like to get rid of the '$' at the end of truncated lines such that lines can use the fill width of the window. I've tried: (set-display-table-slot standard-...
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