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Why did I get the U+2019 right single quotation mark not plain ASCII single quote in C mode?

In Emacs under C mode, why did the single quote key give me a U+2019 right single quotation mark, not a plain ASCII single quote? (That was corrected by a bot
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Incorrect font locking/syntax hightlighting in c-mode

I've recently started using Emacs, and I'm having a problem with the font-locking in c-mode. I'm using the Monokai theme, and I'm finding that some tokens are being coloured incorrectly. The problem ...
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Disable lsp-mode for certain buffers matching a specific pattern

What's the preferred way to not enter lsp-mode for certain buffers such as Emacs' backup files named for instance, app.c.~304fb1fe3650a354c4da16352f6c7be8bffd88cb~. I still want such files to open in ...
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Make ff-find-other-file ignore include directive in C

I have a binding setup as described here, the problem is every time the cursor is on #include "file" it always tries to jump on this include. I want that no matter where there cursor is I ...
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How to define a custom code style for C/C++ to be shared with others?

I have my own code style setup in my init.el file, but would like to publish it for other developers to use. Is there a good template to use so projects can share their C/C++ code style between ...
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