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Calling load-theme with interactive input

I want to call load-theme within a function. Whilst it is supposed to give an interactive input using completing-read, just calling load-theme gives an error and the interactive input is not ...
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ISO generic "call command interactively, interactively overriding global variables ..."

BRIEF: looking for an elisp package to make it easier and more to wrapperize calling interactive commands, temporarily overriding global variables as if by let. ---+ DETAIL: ISO = In Search Of. I ...
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Why is the function call-interactively so slow when called from my init.el file?

I'm creating an Elisp function that basically copies the selected text to the clipboard and then it sends a signal to a TCP port that will trigger a TTS voice that reads aloud what's on the clipboard ...
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How to call a interactive function with prompt from a lambda?

I have this little LaTeX helper function: (defun my--insert-chord (chord) "Prompt for a CHORD and insert it at point. TODO: make it agnostic to the package used." (interactive "...
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Call a function and all relevant hooks inside a function

I have a function consisting of 2 commands. (defun my-function () (interactive) (call-interactively 'run-python) ; <-- Something is not run after this line. (call-...
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Call an interactive function and pass argument to it in elisp without user input

I am new to elisp and am trying to write an Elisp function that calls org-pandoc-export-to-html5-pdf-and-open. org-pandoc-export-to-html5-pdf-and-open is an interactive function that will write to a ...
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How to script a bookmark-jump call

I am trying to write a function which will perform a bookmark-jump but then reset the the bookmark line to the top of the screen. So far I have: (defun foo () (interactive) (bookmark-jump) ...
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Problem with giving inputs to a function programmatically

Some programs take user inputs, for example by calling the interactive function `sunrise-sunset', two arguments are taken from the user. Assume that the inputs are 0.0098 and 51.4934 (these are ...
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Why an error when calling a command in a specific buffer?

Q: why do I get errors when calling a command from a specific buffer, but not in any other buffer? Scratch all of what I had previously said about call-interactively (see strikethrough below for ...
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isearch-forward, call-interactively, and isearch-filter-predicate

Here are two use cases where I call isearch-forward with some filter predicate. (let ((isearch-filter-predicate (lambda (a b) nil))) (funcall 'isearch-forward)) (let ((isearch-filter-predicate (...
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call write-file interactively with prompting

I have a function that creates a buffer, with a default file name, and would like the first user action for that buffer be a prompt to write the buffer to a file, allowing the user to change the ...
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Call a function by its key (inside a script)

I have a tool that allows me to use the same key (shortcut) C-c C-f to call different functions. Actually I can choose different options (different functions) to pass to the LaTeX compiler, binding ...
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