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Cask without pallet

At some point, I found a web page that described using Cask and Pallet to configure emacs. I got that working, and life was good. I recently upgraded my version of Cask to 0.9.0, and now I find this ...
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Development elisp package

I want to start developing emacs packages. I would like to use cask, so I did: $ cask init --dev It worked well, and generated the Cask file tree -La 1 . ├── .git ├── .gitignore ├── Cask └── ...
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How do I require a package installed via .cask in a project

I'm trying to contrib to a project and installed cask and did cask install and now I have a .cask folder with the deps. Now in emacs how do I evaluate a .require of one of those deps? Is there a ...
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Package lacks a "Version" or "Package-Version" error, even if the "Version" info exists

After upgrading cask the error message changed. Wrong type argument: sequencep, pinyin-mode Original Question I want to use my elisp through cask. But it failed with error: Dependency pinyin-mode ...
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Cask seems to be ignoring depends upon

My package depends upon org 9. I want to use cask to enforce this dependency. The way to specify this in my cask file would seem to be (depends-on "org" "9.0.1") as documented here. However cask ...
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Minimal working example of Cask project with ert-test?

I want to use Cask for development, but have trouble getting it set up. Could anyone please show a minimal example with one package file, one function and one ert-test and which commands you need to ...
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What is archive-contents and how do I create it?

I used cask package to generate a package tar file for my local fork of ensime, and added it to my package-archives using customize-option. However, I then got this backtrace when attempting to list-...
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Finding packages not managed by pallet

After initialising pallet for my package managment I forgot to add the requisite line to my init.el :( Having now added: (pallet-mode t) To my init.el is there a way to diagnose which (if any) ...
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Using cask for package management

I am new to emacs. I'm trying to use cask to manage emacs packages. This is my ~/.emacs.d/init.el: (require 'cask "~/etsi/cask/cask.el") (cask-initialize "~/etsi") (require 'evil) (evil-mode 1) ~/...
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How do cask, package.el and projectile work together?

I have trouble to understand how to get projectile to work in emacs. When I first started I am under the impression that I should use package manager like cask to download packages from ELPA. I did ...
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cask init does not create ~/.cask file

I actually know very little about cask. I discover it after browsing the emacs module of prezto In this prezto module, the cask command alias will not be created unless there exists a .cask file. I ...
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Byte-compilation of a multi-file package: "the function is not known to be defined"

Imagine that I have the following files in my (ridiculous) package: File test1.el: ;;; test1.el --- ;;; Code: (defvar test-var1) (defun test-fun1 (test) nil) ...
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How can I get Cask or Pallet to automatically install packages on startup?

I manage packages in Emacs using Cask and Pallet. Yesterday I upgraded to Emacs 24.4; it went well enough, but all of a sudden all my packages were missing. Cask installs packages in separate ...
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How can I find the path to an executable with Emacs Lisp?

My current use case is to find where the Cask executable is (it can be installed in at least two places, and there's an issue open about this). I need to require cask this way: (require 'cask "~/....
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