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Store output of xref-find-apropos in a variable within elisp code

Is it possible to extract the results returned by xref-find-apropos to a variable within elisp code? In particular, I want to get all files names where the found symbol occurs. So what I want is ...
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Hide ifdef(or gray out) through compile_command.json

I've just finished to set up LSP with ccls and company packages. It works but I have one more possible wish that such LSP packages could do. Now I'm using hide-ifdef package to gray out the inactve ...
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lsp mode does not recognize standard library

Today I did two things: I upgraded some emacs packages (don't know which ones) I installed in addition to emacs 27.1, emacs 28 with native compilation I built the "gccemacs" in a separate ...
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How can I set the indentation offset for `indent-region`

I am using spacemacs + lsp layer (ccls) for c/c++ editing Having my c-basic-offset set to 4: if I select a region and press = (maybe invoking indent-region?), the region is indented by 2 spaces (...
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Suppress the message (LSP :: not indexed)

I couldn't find an option to suppress this message on unindexed files. In my repo I have C++ files that I dont want to index and this message keeps showing up when moving the cursor between code ...
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use .dir-locals.el to setup blacklist (based on projectile root) for ccls (c++mode server)

I use this setup to setup blacklists for ccls in my project: ( (prog-mode (ccls-initialization-options . (:index (:blacklist [ "^/Users/xxx/proj/dir1/" "^/Users/xxx/proj/dir2/(dir3|dir4)/"]))) ) How ...
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