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CEDET is a Collection of Emacs Development Environment Tools written with the end goal of creating an advanced development environment in Emacs

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Getting autocompletion for qt4 with CEDET

I use emacs 24.4 with auto-complete1.5.0 and bundled version of CEDET2.0 (I've also tried with latest CEDET by downloading and loading cedet-devel-load.el). I have qt4 sources installed and semantic ...
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completion and goto-function in matlab-mode

I've been working with matlab-mode and matlab-shell for the last few days, and I'm really digging it so far. The only two things I can't get to work properly are completion - neither in shell, nor in ....
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Tell semantic to ignore header file

For good or for ill our project has some generated header files that contain binary data const unsigned char __attribute__ ((aligned(4))) image[238560] = { 0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0xff, ... ... } Which ...
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Is CEDET/semantic obsolete? How to analyze C code for source transformation tasks?

Reading through some CEDET docs I found that the author herself recommends "to use Semantic only as source of information, and perform names completion using other packages". Does this advice also ...
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Cogre (CEDET) can't find Graphviz

I recently installed Graphviz and Cogre to make UML diagrams in Emacs. Though when I run cogre-uml-quick-class with the Class name, it says "Layout engine failed. You need to install Graphviz". The ...
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Slow behaviour of CEDET

I started using CEDET with Emacs and although it works fine sometimes it is too slow. For example if I write std:: and wait for suggestions then in the minibuffer says parsing file.cpp (LL) done and ...
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CEDET semantic-complete-jump customization

When I search through project via semantic-complete-jump and tag is not unique (its defined in multiple places), I must hit <tab> to iterate through all possible places. Problem is, I horribly ...
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ede-cpp-root-project is missing

The cedet info I am using with emacs 23.4.1 ECB 2.40 uses CEDET 1.0 (contains semantic 2.0, eieio 1.3, speedbar <unknown version>). I am trying to create a cpp-root-project for out-of-source-...
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