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Is it possible to wrap a small package not listed on MELPA/ELPA via use-package? How to do it?

I like this Emacs package called Emacs Centered Point link. I must highlight that it is not listed on MELPA/ELPA. Until now, I have just appended the snippet to my init file with the following and it ...
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3 votes
1 answer

how to make `C-l` override `centered-cursor-mode`?

I love centered-cursor-mode. It keeps my cursor in the center of the screen always. However, on rare occasions, I need to use C-l recenter-top-bottom to "scroll" in order to view text lower ...
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0 answers

A command to get buffer content centered in the window

I'm looking for the built-in command, probably a minor mode, that got my text unstuck from the left border of the window and showed more or less horizontally centered. The command doesn't modify the ...
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