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RefTeX reftex-citation not showing all entries and takes preceding word as argument

After initial setting up emacs with AuCTeX and RefTeX everything worked fine. may not be the problem, see edit below Now, for a porject I tried setting up RefTeX to work with markdown-mode with this ...
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How/Where do I put tags/keywords so that citar will find them?

I started using citar to manage my references. Set up bibtex-library, folder for pdf's as well as notes. Everything seems to work fine. In the documentation of citar is says that the UI will show tags/...
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Org citations produced by src are not rendered in tabulated results

For example to reproduce: #+BEGIN_SRC emacs-lisp :results table replace "Prior research [cite:@paper] suggests that..." #+END_SRC #+RESULTS: | Prior research suggests that... | The ...
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Change behavior of citation link when clicked

When I click on a citation like this: cite:Thompson_CalculusMadeEasy2014 I get to choose from a list of citation actions which include adding notes. When I follow the link below, it only brings up a ...
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Add a source reference to org blocks

During research, I often cite a passage from some website, a local document or org file. For context and later use, I always add the source reference after the block: * Public transport ** Bus Buses ...
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