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is for distinguishing comment lines from code. Emacs uses the same key bindings for manipulating comments in different modes. Emacs handles all the different ways of inserting comments for each of the major modes. Use additional tags to indicate language-specific modes for questions about comments.

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Function to delete all comments from a buffer, without moving them to kill ring

I need to be able to remove all comments from a buffer from elisp code. For now, I am using: (goto-char (point-min)) (comment-kill (count-lines (point-min) (point-max))) However, comment-kill is an ...
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How can I detect if the current character is a comment character for that major mode?

I am working on this little function that pulls up the next line to the current line. I want to add a functionality so that if the current line is a line comment and the next line is also a line ...
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How comment out a variable line in a local variable list

In a python file I have # Local Variables: # python-shell-interpreter: "python3" # python-shell-virtualenv-path: "~/.virtualenvs/datascience" # leo-python-args-to-send: "-f fqanalysis.txt" # End: ...
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How to implement comments outline in ESS similar to that of Rstudio?

Shifting from Rstudio to ESS took some time with me because of the steep learning curve of a versatile Emacs editor, but is was a worthwhile experience. What I am still missing in ESS is that outline ...
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Using a sub-expression for `highlight-regexp`

I have made a face to highlight elisp comments starting with ;; [ using hi-lock. My intention is to only colour the expression [text] using SUBEXP. (highlight-regexp "^;; \\[.+\\].+$" 'face-...
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How to automatically create neat C comment blocks while typing?

Some code editors such as eclipse automatically form neat blocks when you start typing a multi-line comment: Is there some package or another way to do this in emacs too? Edit: To clarify: I do not ...
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How to detect if the point is within a comment area?

How to detect if the point is within a comment area?
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How do I disable ffap (find file at point) when the first two non-space characters in a line are '//'?

In Verilog/C/C++, comments can begin with //. Here's an example comment, //This is a comment I like to use the find-file-at-point feature. If my cursor is on the file name in `include "some_file.v"....
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How to setup comment-start and comment-start-skip?

Haskell has line comments starting with -- and multiline comments of the form {- ... -}. I'd like to make auto-fill-mode work for both of those. Currently line comments are auto-filled correctly: -- ...
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How to prettify symbols inside comments?

I'm using prettify-symbol mode together with Pragmata Pro.el. Ligatures work perfectly fine in the source code but for some reason with comments they don't. I think I'm missing something since it's ...
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Are comment style flags insufficient to separate SQL comments?

I am trying to understand why SQL mode accepts -* as a comment block start. In sql.el, I read: (defvar sql-mode-syntax-table (let ((table (make-syntax-table))) ;; C-style comments /**/ ... ...
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org-fill-paragraph leaves a comma at end of C style comment

In a src block when there is a C style comment /* ... */ doing an org-fill-paragraph would always put a comma just before the last star, like this: /* Some comment ,*/ Is there a way to stop it from ...
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setting comment face in major mode on multi-line word-delimited comments

I am working on a major mode for an input file format I am interested in and want to set multi-line comments with the delimiters skip and noskip like skip larb noskip or skip GRID TYPE ...
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Complex comment-start (and end) sequence

As far as I understand there is syntax flags only for comment delimiters made up of two characters but if I have comment delimiters of length greater than two characters is it possible to change ...
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Doxygen style for c-doc-comment-style? [duplicate]

The option c-doc-comment-style supports javadoc, autodoc and gtkdoc. Is there a way to get doxygen support? (\returns, \note, \brief... etc)
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Why does sql-mode think -* starts a block comment?

While typing in a SQL mode buffer, I noticed that -* starts a block comment. Why? It happens whenever I type an asterisk/star character (ASCII 42) directly after a simple dash/hyphen/minus character (...
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After setting syntax-propertize-function, comment is not being fontified with comment face

I'm trying to build a major mode for xwiki, where I'm defining {{{ verbatim }}} as a comment. So far, I've done (eval-when-compile (defconst xwiki-syntax-propertize-rules (syntax-...
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How to align "end of line comments" in sh-mode?

I moved to column 60 of the first line and evaluated set-comment-column. Then I moved to the second column and called indent-for-comment, but it indents the comment randomly but not at column 60. How ...
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