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Questions tagged [common-lisp]

Editing Common Lisp code and working with inferior Common Lisp read-eval-print loops. Note that Emacs's Lisp dialect is not Common Lisp; for Emacs Lisp, use the tag [elisp].

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Slime creates new window every time you interact with the debugger

While using slime+emacs, I'm having a problem when interacting with the debugger: every time that I choose one of the debugger's option, a new window pops up in Emacs. For example, when evaluating: (...
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Is there a locate-library equivalent for Common Lisp files?

When editing Common Lisp code, is there an Emacs command that behaves like locate-library that would take a name and attempt to find the location for a Common Lisp file with that name? Looking at ...
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Looking for something like cl-applicable-method-p

I am looking for something that could be used like this: (when (cl-applicable-method-p 'foo "arg") ...) I vaguely remember that I have seen that once and that it came with a comment saying that one ...
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Display function signature in completion popup menu instead of status line with SLIME/SLY in Emacs

What the title says. I'd like the function signature for functions in Common Lisp to display next to the function name in the company-mode autocomplete popup menu instead of at the bottom of the ...
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Slime fuzzy completion not working correctly in TTY mode

I have Slime configured with fuzzy completion and it works perfectly when I'm using it in X11 mode (M-TAB, list of completions pops up in a separate buffer, C-n/p allows to choose the right completion,...
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SBCL and Slime do strange things when I try to use Serapeum

I'm getting very strange behaviour when I try to C-c C-k the following code into the SLIME REPL running SBCL: (eval-when (:compile-toplevel :load-toplevel :execute) (ql:quickload "serapeum")) (...
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