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Questions tagged [compilation]

Running compilers, and more generally building software from within Emacs.

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How to keep hl-line updated in inactive window?

I have (setq global-hl-line-sticky-flag t) to enable hl-line in all windows. However, the highlighted line isn't updated when I change the cursor position in inactive window (e.g., by calling next-...
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Compile quietly unless there are errors

I want to run compile or recompile, but I don't want to see the *compilation* buffer pop up unless there's an error, or not at all. If the compilation succeeds, I should just see a notification in the ...
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M-x compile --> emacs doesn't automatically open files

I have recently switched from an older version of emacs to version 24.3.1. And I have run into the following problem: I have a base folder "/base" and a folder with source files "base/src"; my ...
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.dir-locals.el isn't recognized

I am working on a project that includes some configuration in .dir-locals.el: ((c++-mode . ((compile-command . "cd ../../\; ./")))) This gets picked up just fine for me and sets the ...
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866 views options when building from source

Disclaimer: newbie to emacs, vaguely competent on MacOS and git. I'm building emacs on OSX Yosemite from the git master repo. I've done this several times, primarily by using ./configure --with-ns -...
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Customize compilation mode for a new language

I am trying to add a language called lesim to compilation mode so that errors are parsed correctly. The error line does not include the file name. Among the ways I have tried to get around this, what ...
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Emacs will not compile sqlite binary and will not run compiled sqlite binary

I am running emacs 28.2 on windows 10, trying to start using the org-roam package which requires emacsql-sqlite. I have installed msys2 and used it to install gcc following the instructions here as ...
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Address autocompletion doesn't work after compiling `elc` files for `mu4e`

After compiling elc files for mu4e in /usr/local/share/emacs/site-lisp/mu4e (Ubuntu 20.04) with sudo emacs -Q -batch -L . -f batch-native-compile *.el I get this error when writing an address of the ...
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How to highlight in the mode-line that a compilation process is running in AUCTeX?

As compiling LaTeX documents can take a while, I would like to be able to quickly and effortlessly check whether the compilation process is still runing. How can I achieve this with AUCTeX? I know I ...
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Smarter compile in emacs

I often got to work with projects organized as follows: src/ include/ ... Makefile Is there a way to teach emacs' "compile" function to always use that top-level Makefile regardless which file I'...
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Can I have a separate shell switch when compiling?

Whenever I use M-x compile, I like to have the shell that's running to be configured with bash -ic so that I can easily type the compilation command (I switch between languages often, so the building ...
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Make .dir-locals works with compilation

I'm using Emacs 29.1 I have the following .dir-locals.el file: ((nil . ((compilation-error-regexp-alist-alist . '(acap "^#[0-9]+ [0-9]\.[0-9]+ \\(.+?\\):\\([0-9]+\\):\\([0-9]+\\).*" 1 2 3)) ...
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Not asking to kill a dead process?

When I hit g (recompile) in a *Compilation* buffer while the previous compilation is not done yet, I am asked whether I want compilation killed. If I wait for it to finish, I get the echo area look ...
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Remove messages before and after `compile`

When compiling, how can I remove all output in the *compilation* buffer except output issued by my code itself? i.e. remove everything except the line(s) marked *** below: -*- mode: compilation; ...
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Save before running tests? (Prepend function?)

How can I prepend a function call in Elisp? E.g. I have a key binding (C-c C-c C-t) that runs some tests (command rustic-cargo-test) and it always asks me if I want to save - I'd like to run (save-...
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Side effects of global-set-key?

I have had (global-set-key [f9] 'compile) in my Emacs init file for many years. With this setup, hitting [f9] and doing M-x compile RET should run the same commands the same way, right? But today I ...
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Controlling Behaviour of (Compilation) Window Creation

How do I control whether the output buffer *Compile* of M-x compile will be shown in an existing window or in a new window by splitting an existing window ? My problem is that the compilation buffer ...
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Adding a pattern to compilation-error-regexp-alist

I'm using the latest Doom Emacs on Emacs 27 with this config: I have this code to run a bloop command (like bloop ...
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compilation-scroll-output doesn't work if *compilation* buffer is created by hand

Emacs version 25 I have a short piece of elisp to create a few buffers and split my frame into multiple windows that are displayed the way I like. This code creates a *compilation* buffer and ...
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Always remember last compile-command?

How do I get Emacs to always remember the last compile-command? My compile-command (cc) in Emacs 24 settings is pure vanilla, no bells and whistles. I only changed the cc string itself ("python build....
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