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How can emacs preview java jmod file like jar file from dired?

They are both zip file actually. I can preview jar file directly from dired, but not for jmod files. I tried adding jmod to dired-compress-file-suffixes, not working. (add-to-list 'dired-compress-...
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dired, zip as a directory

With archivemount, one can mount a zip file. Is there any way to treat a zip file just like a directory in dired? The we wouldn't have to unzip the archive, which takes time and you probably need to ...
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Show progress bar for long operation?

Linux Mint 20.2 Emacs 27.2 When I do some long operation not show progress bar. Is it possible to show progress bar in this situation? Examples of long operations: Copy many files Copy big files ...
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How can I make dired display .tbz2 files

When using dired and I see a .tar.xz file I can visit this file in other window (<mouse-1>) and the file is a browsable tar archive. How do I get .tbz2 files to behave in the same way? I am ...
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How can I edit files within encrypted zip files?

Currently I can use emacs to edit text files within zip files no problem. I simply get a directory listing from which I can choose the document that I want to edit. Is there anyway to edit text files ...
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Native data compression in emacs?

Is it possible to compress data (an Elisp string for example) using Emacs (without calling 3rd-party commands)? I noticed Emacs uses zlib, but I only found zlib-decompress-region.
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Can emacs emulate zgrep -a in zrgrep?

Currently I can grep (in command line) the gzip files I receive using the command zgrep -a something logs.tar.gz it outputs every line inside the logs.tar.gz but without the file where it was found, ...
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Generate/use etags for compressed (.el.gz) libraries?

I wanted to generate a tags table for the lisp libraries that my Emacs came with, located in /path/to/emacs/25.1/lisp/ There's a mix of compressed and uncompressed files in that directory, so I ran ...
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`url-inhibit-uncompression` is ineffective; emulating curl with url.el

Consider the following: (let ((url-inhibit-uncompression t)) (switch-to-buffer (url-retrieve-synchronously ""))) I would expect to get ...
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How can I determine if a file is compressed from Elisp?

I know that I can use the file command to determine this, but I'd like a cross-platform solution using elisp only (or as few subprocesses as possible). I have the compressed data in a variable called ...
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