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Questions tagged [conditionals]

Questions about conditionals: cond, if, when, unless.

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Opening files in new frame

I'm using a fairly frame-oriented workflow (or trying to). I've run into something strange. If I write this: (defun find-file-existing (filename) "Edit the existing file FILENAME. Like \\[find-...
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Constrain Eclim to java files

I am using eclim and I am loving it! But I had to disable eclimd-autostart because it keep trying to fire up eclimd when I pop a .js buffer. Autostarting of eclimd is disabled, please start eclimd ...
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Different outputs from minor-mode depending on major-mode

My minor-mode is inserting text in the current buffer. I want the default format of the text to be different depending on what major-mode the buffer is in, and to allow the user to override this ...
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Edebug conditional breakpoint when a value that contains a certain string appears?

Is it possible to set a conditional breakpoint in edebug such that it gets hit only when a symbol that contains a string "download:" gets hit? I've tried running edebug-set-conditional-...
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