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Corfu: Why does <tab> shows a corfu popup?

I have this configuration: (setq tab-always-indent 'complete) (global-corfu-mode 1) Nothing else should have grabbed the <tab> key. When I do C-h k, then <tab>, I get that it is bould to ...
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Automatic popup of words from the buffer using Corfu and Dabbrev

How can I make Dabbrev and Corfu automatically show a pop-up for the words from my current buffer? For example, if I write "example" somewhere in a document, I would like it pops up ...
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Abbrevs with Skeletons no longer expanding

I've mashed together my own form of "snippets" in Emacs with Skeletons and Abbrevs. I updated the exact macro for generating both the abbrev and skeleton function, but now abbrevs never ...
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Corfu not displaying child frame

I have installed Corfu to use for completions but it's not doing or displaying anything. I have verified that it's enabled but at no point does a child frame appear. I've read the documentation but it ...
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How to remove '13 from the corfu-map?

I am using corfu. Problem is that when I type something like "isearch" and want to continue with a new line and not to invoke a popup command. When the corfu popup is open and suggesting ...
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Corfu only working with elisp

I have tried a couple auto-completions engines on emacs, I had been working with auto-complete because it was the only one that I got working. I simply added some modes to a list and it was done: (add-...
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Corfu autocompletion popups are not working with lsp-ltex

I can get autocompletion with corfu to work with txt files, but not when I enable lsp. Here is a MWE which I use as init.el. (setq straight-build-dir (format "build/%d%s%d" ...
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